Bin Laden's Little Helpers

2002-09-30 - 12:04 p.m.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

One more thing.

Nora had a soccer game on Saturday. They played a pretty good team (and won 2-1). But the team had blue shorts, and one red and one white sock a piece. Odd, I thought.

Then, I looked over to where their parents were sitting. They had a flag, and a huge banner that read "America's Team."

What the ?

"So," I said to one of the other parents, "We're playing America's Team?"

"Yeah," he answered. "What does that make us, chopped liver?"

Iraqi chopped liver, we decided. Upon further reflection, we though perhaps we could be called "The Reign of Terror," or "Axis of Evil." Perhaps we parents could all get turbans to wear on the sidelines. Maybe a hookah, for the halftime. Adopt those UN black helicopters as our mascots.

I told Nora all this in the car on the way home. She rolled her eyes. She thought up a new name, "Bin Laden's Little Helpers."

I mean really. This is children's soccer -- not some kind of political event.

Nora was of the opinion that our team manager, a responsible woman, would not find all this funny. We agreed that while she has a fine sense of humor, it may not extend to sarcastic team names.

"I think we may have too much of a sense of humor," she said. "I think lots of things are funny. But maybe we shoudln't say them in public."

Then she cackled.

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