Jane Eyre -- the obsession continues

2002-10-01 - 9:11 a.m.


I watched the second half of the BBC Jane Eyre.

It wasn't bad -- St John Rivers was pleasingly awful. Timothy Dalton remained at least a foot taller than Jane.

It was a bit mooshy, though. At least half of the final tape was composed of mooshy conversations in the dark.


Okay -- moving on.

Don't know what else is new around here. I have sailing this weekend, and have neglected, in the past few weeks, to increase my upper body strength. Oh well.

And --

I think I need some tea.

Did slightly better today with the whole getting the kids to school on time thing.


All right -- I'll get some tea, and if I think of anything else to write about (doubtful, at this point), I'll come back.


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