2002-10-08 - 11:22 a.m.

So: --

I started this entry once before, but somehow my connection died.

So now I'm trying to recreate it --

I'm home, today. I wish I could afford to stay home one day a week. Or somehow arrange it. I'm trying to clean up the house, because people are coming over in a week and a half, and really, it is hardly liveable at the moment.

It would be great, though, to have one day a week. Which would really only be about 5 hours, when all is said and done. But five hours to do stuff, or to do nothing.

Today I managed to get all the drapes to the cleaners. They were unbelievable filthy.

I guess now I should wash the walls. I'm trying to clean off surfaces so I can reach walls --


It was much more interesting the first time around, believe me.

It's quite beautiful out --

There's a scaffolding up outside this window. The contractor is supposed to be stuccoing. Ha. There is no contractor. But the scaffolding is nice -- squirrels come and eat acorns on it, and just now some kind of bird cawed.

Nice --

OKay. I'm off, then.


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