nothing, nothing at all

2002-10-10 - 9:28 a.m.

So --

I'm here at work. I'm drinking tea.

I'm enjoying life without curtains. But we get them back today, and I still haven't washed the walls. Maybe I'll do that when I get home.

Maybe I'll go home right now!

Ha ha. No.

Umm. I think I'm okay with things. That's a secret code, to myself. But it's mainly to avoid boring the readership.

Also, my clothing is strangling me, today. Yuck.


So, I have to finish cleaning the house for the horrendous event (parents of Nora's class coming over next Friday) and for the next horrendous event (Nora's birthday/Halloween party). But then it will be really clean, and we can invite other people over for dinner. I think our neighbors, for example, have decided that we don't like them. But it's only that our house is such a disaster --

But soon, it will be fit for entertaining, and then I will only have to worry about cooking.


And it's colder -- so it may be fall, soon. In fact, it was almost raining this morning.

And I'm going sailing in two days.

I can hardly wait.

Okay, then.


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