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2002-10-21 - 10:28 a.m.

So --

This is the first day of my enforced stay-at-home three days. A transformer is being put it my building (what kind of sentence is that?) and the power had to be turned off, and it would not be safe for us to be there.

I guess a fire-alarm might go off, and we wouldn't hear it.

Also, it would be hard to occupy ourselves in the dark.

So, anyway, it's 10:30 already, and I haven't decided what i want to do with these days!

But it's a beautiful, cold and cloudy day. I was sort of thinking I'd go swimming, but it's too late for that. So I think I might go for a walk. I walked 8 miles yesterday! It wasn't even painful. It took a bit less than 3 hours. Which isn't too pathetic, I think.

Actually, I'm torn between the hundred projects I really should involve myself in -- put together the stupid Ikea dresser my mother bought me that I still haven't put together, work in the garden, clean out the basement, ... -- and the desire to hang around doing nothing, but actually thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life.


The party was Friday night! It was actually fun. I went out, at one point on Friday, to get paper plates, and I realized that I could go with a sort of autumnal theme, and somehow that made the whole thing more bearable. I bought yellow and orange and green plates and napkins, and some pumpkins at the grocery store, and some yellow and red snapdragons (which I should really plant, now) and some very pretty flowers -- and then it was sort of fun.

The house is pretty clean now, too, which is a bonus. The house is so much nicer when it's not piled high with crap!

Very few people came, actually, but I think we still had a good time, so --

Saturday was quite busy -- Soccer game. Nora had a friend sleep over. They wanted to go see the Ring, so I took them. But it was really really scarey, so they couldn't sleep. They were asleep at one point, but then woke up. I finally came out and sat with them and read the paper while they fell asleep. Poor things. I don't think it's a very good thing to take someone else's child out and scare the crap out of her -- irresponsible, I think.


It was really too scarey. Although not exactly the kind of scarey that scares me. I'm scared more by the idea of ghosts -- did I tell you about that little thing i read in the New Yorker about some poeple who bought a house somewhere -- Harlem Heights? -- and had some Hawaiian kahuna come to bless it, and he found all these historically accurate ghosts lurking around? Soldiers from the revolutionary war, right where they really would be, a printing press (and there had been a printing press in the house) -- For some reason, that's the kind of thing that scares me.

What if there are ghosts lurking around my house?

Anyway --

Sunday I meant to go sailing, but then it got too late, and Nora didn't really want to go, and there didn't seem to be very much wind --

really, a bunch of whiney excuses because I was too scared to go, and worried I would have forgotten how to rig it, etc. So kevin said he'd come with me next weekend, and then we'll both know, and it will be okay.

What a chicken I am.

Anyway -- i could go on, but I think perhaps I will go for a walk. or something.


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