2002-10-23 - 8:57 a.m.

So -- Day three in the life of a stay at home mom.

Last day, actually.

I could get used to this -- I have to admit I haven't really done anything. Well, I hung some pictures. That takes a lot of psychic energy. I watched The Snapper. I read The Snapper. Now I'm reading The Committments. I went to the public library and got a whole mess of books. I went for a lovely walk and ran into my neighbor. I signed up for a yoga class, and bought a yoga mat with a yoga tape. The girls and I watched the tape and did the exercises. It was nice, actually -- I felt pleasantly stretched, and the next day ever so slightly sore.

And I'm trying to plan Nora's birthday party. And I'll pick Maddy up at 2 today, instead of 5.

I guess I am doing things -- not monumental things, but things none the less.

It is beautiful out lately. Cold enough for heat inside, and overcast. I walk in a regional park -- it's a nice walk along a creek. In a canyon, I guess. Hills on either side, with one side wooded and one side bare grass. Lots of birds, native trees. The buckeye are beautiful this time of year -- silver trunks, with golden buckeyes hanging from bare branches. Yesterday was so cloudy that I saw no snakes, or lizards, or butterflies. On Sunday, I saw all of those. There are hawks, too, which are exciting. I always expect them to be turkey vultures, and it's gratifying when they aren't.

I do love fall -- Nora was born in the fall, and I remember many walks, waiting for her. I remember thinking how nice it was for her to be born in the fall --

I like most seasons, to tell you the truth.

All right -- think I'll go pick up a bit, and maybe start some laundry.



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