really late!

2002-10-28 - 12:20 a.m.


I'm up in the middle of the night!

Partly due to the 40 cups of tea I've drunk tonight. Partly due to the time change. So. it says it's 12:20, which means it's really 1:20. Which means I should be sleepier, but somehow I'm not.

I think it's because I'm well-rested. Although I won't be tomorrow.

I've been possessed by a fit of responsibility. It happens now and again. I've actually been working on a work-thing I've been putting off for weeks. I went shopping for hallowwen costume stuff. (It's going to be hell getting the costumes done by halloween. I've cut Maddy's out, but haven't sewn it. Ugh.)

And I've done abot 40 loads of laundry, so we actually have clothes to wear again.

It was getting pretty serious.

I really am thinking about writing a mystery. Alot of it is about the tone and the incidentals, I think, all of which I think I could do --

I'd have to come up with some kind of mystery -- I'm less interested in that part, I confess, but I think if I make it local, I could come up with something. Drugs, smuggling, development, toxic waste --

I think there's not such a shortage of that kind of stuff going on around here.

Local politics is probably pretty interesting, too --


Oh, god, and there's a reason I have to look sort of presentable at work, tomorrow -- which means I really should get to bed.

I think in my book the detective will be a person who is too lazy to shave her legs, much less iron, but she will have a daughter who likes to try on eye shadow at the hideous local mall.

We went to the local, hideous mall, in fact, today. Looking for blue lipstick for some nameless child's costume. We found some at Macy's -- said nameless child was intrigued by the idea of testers -- so you could actually see how blue the lipstick really is. Then we had to go to one of the awful teeny-bopper stores to try on jeans. She found some, and as I was paying, she and her little sister tried out the eyeshadow. And they're sort of good at putting it on!

It is so very odd. I can't even really describe it. But although my friends and I liked to buy earrings at that age -- we'd meet at the library, then walk down to the pizza place (John the Baker) for pizza, or eggplant grinders, and then down to this little earring store. I don't think we really used much make-up.

I guess we horrified our parents in different ways -- by not ever wearing makeup, and by having straggley hair, or later, very very short hair, and levi's and hiking boots, and by not ever shaving our legs and by going camping with boys.

I guess that's why now it's hiphugger jeans and too-short tee shirts and eyeshadow and nailpolish and lipstick.

I don't think they're any less independent than we are --

It certainly doesn't seem like it.

Okay -- I think I'd better go to bed, then --


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