costumes. i hate them

2002-10-30 - 9:12 a.m.


I think I realized why I feel sort of stunned and overwhelmed.

Because my life is impossible!

I'm trying to sew that stupid arwen the elf costume. The sewing machine is broken, so I'm doing it all by hand. Is that perhaps crazy? I suppose so, but actually, it almost seems easier. The sewing machine always goes so fast and rucks everything up.

Face it, I am just not gifted in the sewing department. I'm not sure exactly which department I am gifteed in, but I think it's a safe bet that it's not the sewing department.

Anyway -- I think it will actually look alright, but it may be done a week from next wednesday, and, of course, tomorrow is halloween.

We haven't carved any pumpkins, either.

Oh well --

I just don't want to stay up all night sewing. I'm too old for all that.

It's absolutely true. 5 years ago, 10 years ago -- I was always staying up all night doing something. Those days are gone.

I can imagine staying up all night to watch a movie, say, but not sewing a goddamn elf costume.

However, I think it may come to that. The dress is 70 per cent done, but then there's a cape, and there's a cape for Nora the space girl.

Although Nora said she didn't really need a cape. She's feeling bad because she's the one who broke the sewing machine. Ha!

And homework! She's got about 8 weeks worth of homework all due Friday. Do her teachers think 12 year olds are too old for halloween? I can imagine thinking that, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Even if you don't go trick or treating, there's the excitement. The pumpkins. The Candy.

I've been doing some further research on Janet Evanovich. Before she wrote mysteries, she wrote romance novels. !!!

I've been reading all her detective stories. They're not great -- I should make that clear. I mean they're detective stories! But I do like them. THey take place in a working class neighborhood in Trenton. N.J. There's a romance-inspired love interest. The detective is a likable character -- sort of the tough girl with a soft heart type --


OKay, then. Got to go.


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