2002-10-31 - 9:14 a.m.


I was up til three sewing costumes. In the end, I couldn't make the cape Maddy wanted. There wasn't enough fabric. So I made a simpler one, which was disappointing, but I think okay. We found baubles, and did her hair, and I think it's okay.

Nora, for school, had another very subtle costume. She dyed her hair black, and drew black eyebrows on. It's subtle, because in real life, she has pretty invisible eyebrows. But if you don't know her ---

Last year she went as a boy, which was subtle because she's a girl. But if you don't know her, you wouldn't know that she would never wear boy jeans and a raiders t-short. Most people thought she was a raiders fan.

It was hilarious, if you knew her.

Anyway -- I did it, and they're all packed off to school and parties, and I'll pick them up at three and we'll go home and carve our very inadequate pumpkins. I haven't even bought candy yet! We'll probably end up giving out Mounds, or some other hideous candy remnant that we wou'dn't even eat ourselves.

So I fell into bed at three, and slept until 6:00, and got out of bed at 6:30.

Unfortunately, I have a big pile of work sitting here, too. I can barely keep my eyes open, much less function. Sad.

While I was sewing, I was watching bad tv. I saw Seinfeld (not bad), Everybody loves Raymond (very bad), Third Rock from the Sun (bad enough, but funny) and then -- Star Trek Voyager (dreadful in its own inimitable way). Whew. Then I turned to the history channel and watched a show about ironworkers (informative, but dull), and another one about high tech sex (less interesting than you might suppose). Then a show came on about the Amityville Horror, and luckily I was done and could go to bed. That's exactly the sort of thing that does scare me. They started by saying that the Montauket Indians had always viewed the land where the house was built as some kind of bad juju spot. I'm definitely a believer in the bad juju spot.

I talked to Nora's math teacher. He said, she seems to be very bright, but is not taking advantage of opportunities available to her. Like going to his learning at lunch things. I liked him, actually. He's a very very odd guy, but less odd when you actually talk to him than when you see him at the front of the class at the parent night. Very nice blue eyes. The kids like him, too -- it's a nice school, actually. Oddity is appreciated. Well, that's not quite right. The kids know he's odd, actually, and they'll poke fun at him, but they clearly like him -- There was a skit last year that poked some gentle fun at him. It's a nice school --

Anyway, but that is the story with her. She's capable, but doesn't avail herself of opportunities. Her flute teacher says she's got a great ear, but she doesn't care. Her math teacher says she's got an organized mind, and she doesn't care.

What am I supposed to do with her? Push or not push?

Well -- I think I will make her go to learning at lunch. I brought it up in the car, and she groaned and said she'd been hoping I'd never hear about that. Ha -- fat chance. But she said it in a way that made me think she wasn't so sad to be found out.

Good lord, what am I to do with her?

Okay, then -- I'm going to go stare at some work.


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