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2002-11-04 - 2:03 p.m.

So --

I've been busy all day, although not doing much in particular.

It was that sort of weekend, too -- busy, but I don't know what I did. Nora had soccer -- which included pictures, brunch, and an actual game. Then I had to clean up the house, because a friend of Maddy's plus her family (minus the dad) came over for dinner. Which was nice. Fairly low key.

Nora hung around with us.

And we recovered from Halloween. There was a dance, too, on the friday after halloween -- and then Nora had to be up at 8 the next morning. It was a bit much.

And I got all the laundry done. Or, some of it.

See -- it was that kind of weekend.

And I'm worrying about Nora, who is being obstreperous.

I went to Maddy's parent-teacher conference -- she's doing well. They want her to stay for 6th grade. Which would, I know, be good for her. But it would make 7th grade harder --

Ho hum..

Got to go.

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