Pertinent facts

2002-11-07 - 9:55 a.m.

So --

Here are the pertinent facts.

I have no kleenex at my desk. This means I'm going to have to make a trip down to the basement (locked) and dig through the storage cabinets (also locked) to get more kleenex.

I hate this. Why do they have to be so far away and so locked up?

I also don't think anyone else cares about this as much as I do, and I wonder why. Although, I realize I'm sort of innured to that by now -- people often don't agree with me -- look at the election, for crying out loud! It's inexplicable, but there it is.

The truly weird thing is that I know I'm right. Well, the weird thing isn;t that I know I'm right, it's that other people can't see that.

I don't get it.

Another pertinent fact. I've been having a long, involved email conversation with my high school friend Martha. She lives in England, now, and has two kids, about 10 and 8, I think.

This happened because our 25th college reunion is coming up. Neither of us is going -- it's going to be over thanksgiving in Connecticut, which doesn't really work for either of us. I've been amazed at the names of people -- Those names -- I can't tell you how odd it is to hear those names again. I've been lists of people who are and aren't coming. They are clearly part of the fabric of my childhood.

Anyway -- it's been nice to talk to Martha. She's much more successful than I am -- she's a real grown-up, and I, as you know, am not. But it's interesting to talk to a person who I was a kid with about our kids -- I think Nora is like her son. Capable, but unmotivated.

I felt very cheered up, actually, after writing out a long discussion of my worries. Plus, Nora came home and told me that she had been to a learning at lunch session with two of her friends. I think she was actually happy that I had made her go. She showed me the proof of a tricky way to multiply numbers.

Also, I made her play flute duets with me yesterday, and although she complained bitterly, she did it.

I'm wondering why it helped so much to talk to Martha. I think it's because we were kids together, and we come from a similar background -- and I understand where it differs (her family was perhaps more ambitious than mine -- or anyway, cleverer.)

Actually, it's probably a little frightening how much I identify with the people I was close to in high school. That's pretty much who I am -- that person that I figured out I was during those years.

So Martha knows what I want my kids to be, without my even having to explain it to her. Even if I could explain it. (I could, and she would understand my explanation, too.)

How nice that she still exists!

Other pertinent facts?

It rained last night. Hooray! The radio people were in a complete dither -- weather, all of a sudden! Why, it may rain, and there may be some wind!

Kevin was annoyed at me for my condescending attitude toward Californians and their pitiful weather. "You hate California so much, and yet it's the only state with the sense to vote democratic."

But I don't hate California, and anyway I've lived here through some pretty awful republican governors (Pete Wilson was a really shining moment), and it was only its pitiful weather I was mocking, not its political choices. (And that ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger afterschool program initiative did pass, after all.)

That being said, it was beautiful this morning. Fresh, and still sort of stormy. And the skiing is supposed to be great, so maybe we should go next weekend, after the storm passes through. Because even though the weather is pretty much weeny weather down here, the snow is pretty good up in the mountains.

Ho hum.


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