2002-11-14 - 8:48 a.m.


So now I'm reading on of those Aubrey-Maturin books. You know, the Patrick O'Brian things.

I'm reading The Far Side of the World, because that's the one they're making a movie of.

It is interesting to read books that have sailing references, now that I, sort of, know how to sail. Garth Nix, the guy who wrote Sabriel and Lirael (really good books, by the way -- although they are fantasy, and kids' books, at that), anyway -- it seems that he must be a sailor. People are often sailing in his books, and they seem to know what they're doing.

Anyway -- I haven't got to much actual sailing in this book yet. They're hanging around in port. Aubrey is sad, because his lovely "Surprise" is going to be decomissioned, and there's no other boat hanging around for him. But I'm anticipating that it will be interesting.

One more twist in the unending saga of my wish that I'd had more children -- I think I'm okay with it, actually. It doesn't help that my period has become completely erratic, making me think (briefly, although I know it can't be true) that I might be pregnant. Then I'm not. But I subscribe to this parents' list, and I noticed that this woman I sort of know of, although I don't know her -- she's pregnant with her fourth kid!

I remember noticing when she was pregnant with her third kid, and being incredibly jealous.

It's an odd thing. When I was having kids, it was just the normal order of things to have two, and only two. And in truth, it would have been overwhelming to have more unless I quit working.

But I think now, it's not that unusual to have more than two. And certainly when I was growing up, people had four pretty often.

If I were 5 years younger, I bet I would have had three.

Anyway -- there it is. I think I am sort of resigned to my fate.

The proverbial bad tooth -- you can't help poking your tongue at it --


We've been having conversations at our house about what makes a scary movie scary. Maddy thinks it's your imagination -- you take the scary thing on the screen and imagine it much worse, and in your house. I think I tend to agree with her. So, to extrapolate, it's things that somehow snag your particular imagination.

Nora thinks the Ring is the scariest movie ever, although Carrie was also scary. Her friend Robin doesn't like to be scared at all. Nora does.

Kevin thinks it's the Night of the Living Dead. He goes for a more creepy feeling, he says.

I think it's an atmosphere thing -- and it's definitely things you're already scared of. Creepy dark houses -- curses from the past -- cats who lift their heads when there's nothing in the room.

When I was 7 or 8, and living in Chicago, we went to see a mummy at a museum. It was terrifying, and for some reason after that I imagined the spirit of a mummy living in the pocket door between the entry hall and the library of our huge old victorian house ...

I wouldn't go downstairs by myself in the dark.

Closets were scarey, too, because you couldn't be sure what was at the back of them --

I'm not very scared of things anymore, though --



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