2002-11-20 - 11:58 a.m.


I was home yesterday -- someone threw a can of Hawaiian punch through our front window at 6:00 am. So I couldn't really go anywhere until the window man came.

So I watched the Sopranos. Which is amazingly good.

He's kind of cute, that Tony Soprano. I mean awful, but cute. Kind of a cute smile.


And I'm getting a cold. An awful cold that Maddy's been dragging around for days.

And Nora finished her awful Moonies alphabet report (don't ask). She was immensely pleased that she'd never have to think about the Moonies again.

And ---

Well, that may be all.

We're looking for a middle school for Maddy -- went to look at one. I think she'd be okay there. But it's got so much less than the school Nora's at.

It's a funny age. There are the sort of regular sized kids, and then there are the tiny kids. The boys, especially, who look like they're about 10.

They're pretty cute.



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