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2002-11-25 - 11:01 a.m.


We just had an eathquake!

Well, a little one.


It's Nora's birthday. She woke up early, and we gave her presents. Actually, she and I went to Telegraph Ave. yesterday and spent some of her birthday money, and I bought her a silver bracelet. Today she got a calendar with cats from her aunt/uncle/cousins, a Blondie cd from Kevin, and toe socks and a magnetic earring from me.

It's also our anniversary, and she actually went out and bought us a card!

Anyway, all very nice. Hopefully 13 won't be so very terrible.

Unfortunately I have very little else to talk about. I got new earrings, too, on Telegraph.

Telegraph Ave., for those of you who don't live in Berkeley, is the main street in the student neighborhood of Berkeley. Especially at this time of year it's full of vendors selling crafty things. Inexpensive jewelry. You sort of have to avoid the "legalize marijuana" table, and the obscene t-shirts at the t-shirt store. But mostly it's okay.

They're kind of lucky, actually, to be growing up so close to a college town, where stuff is going on all the time.

We got pizza and italian sodas. Nora says she would drink italian sodas every day if she could.

Anyway -- it was fun, and tonight we're going out for dinner. Her friends E. and R. will meet us there by surprise. !!!

Hopefully it will all work.


And we're about to go off to Phoenix, to visit various members of my family. I'm excited about the drive, actually --



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