heading for the bleak midwinter

2002-11-26 - 10:10 a.m.

Okay -

This is the quiet before the storm. I'm sitting here, at my desk, typing this. But when I stop I have to do a million things.

First I'll get a cup of tea. And do some work.

Work work work.

Then -- I have to go home, and pick up the girls, and cleanthe house, and pack.

And go to the post office, and start ther dishwasher, and finish the laundry.

And make a few calls.

And clean out the car so we can bear to be in it.

I think that's it --

We're leaving tonight -- heading down to Bakersfield, where we will spend the night. The next day we'll drive to Phoenix. Spend Thursday and Friday there, and then drive back up to Lee Vining on Saturday. Hopefully Bodie will be open. Then home, past Kirkwood, on Sunday.


The house is a disaster, though.


Nora's birthday dinner was nice. We met a few friends of hers for dinner at a sushi place near out house. No one ate sushi, which I suppose was a bit odd. Well, Kevin ate some. I ate a bit. A few friends ate some.

Anyway -- it was very nice.

And she liked all her presents -- in addition to things previously listed, we got her a new video guide and I found her some goofy monkey socks and a goofy monkey shirt (Oh, Paul Frank, she said. ??? Who knew?).

And Maddy got her some hoops, and that may have been sort of it.

So we came home, and everyone did their homework, and we went to bed.

We're all tired -- too much excitement, and then also we've all got this wretched cold.

Either that, or fungus infections in our sinuses.

(Secretly, I'm sure that's what it is.)

Okay, then --

Back Monday --


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