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2002-12-02 - 12:10 p.m.

Hey, I'm back!

Just about to go get lunch, though.

It was a nice trip -- the usual, really.

After 24 hours with my family, I was ready to shoot flames out of my ears. But then I got over it, and was okay.

My brother's wife was extremely offended because no one had saved dinner for my nephew. Of course, since no one except her knew he was coming for dinner, it was not surprising. But I think she took it as a signal of some wider disrespect.

Also that fact that we were half an hour late for the dinner we were giving (!!) because the movie lasted longer than expected.

That was sort of fun.

The unfun part was my aunt wanting to be included in everything. Everything. Are you going to the drugstore? Can I come? Huh?

There are nice parts to her, but mostly she is a pest.

My other brother is the first to discuss her pestiness, but then also the first to disappear with her after dinner to discuss the failings of others.

Anyway - the usual family sort of stuff. Kevin was about to explode in a ball of flame before we drove out, due to delaying tactics by my mother.

But in the end it all went well. I inherited some glassware from my great aunt that may or may not have belonged to my great-grandmother. Also a chair, which we don't quite have room for.

And the drive was lovey. I love driving. On the way down we went through the Mojave and then the Sonoran desert (I think -- could be wrong). On the way back, we drove up the eastern side of the Sierras. It is incredibly beautiful there, at least in winter. We stopped at Lee Vining, and then tooled around Bodie for a few hours. Then came back by Markleeville and Kirkwood, and Jackson (where we ate). Quite nice.

And we listened to three books on tape. Sabriel -- which is a bit less good and gorier when heard aloud. A P.G. Wodehouse book - the inimitable Jeeves, possibly, which everyone loved. And a Janet Evanovich book -- 7-Up -- which we bought at a truckstop somewhere near Bishop, possibly, and which also everyone liked, although it had a few racy moments.

Anyway -- now I'm back. BUt I'm hungry.


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