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2002-12-05 - 8:18 a.m.


Are you aware that there are now fewer than three weeks til Christmas?

Well, that is the fact.


We finally managed to schedule Nora's birthday party -- less than a month after her actual birthday. This is amazing.

Uh. What else.

I was completely right about those cave bear books. The first one had this sort of vaguely pornographic tone, although not mich happened. The second one is worse! It's a stoneage romance novel!

How funny.

I'm afraid I have no more news. The sunrise this morning, as viewed from over my neighbors house, was pretty. Lots of pinks. I thinking about Christmas presents. We have Kevin's siblings and two cousins on my side taken care of -- we're doing selective cousins this time. I have something to send the brother who always sends me cheese and maple syrup (local honey and local coffee). I need a small something for music teachers and tutors. I need a big something for my parents and Kevin's parents. I need major somethings for the girls. Kevin and I don't usually exchange things, but I think I might get him a blender, because our old one is broken.

Isn't that romantic?

I actually have a list this year. I want a Sibley bird book, and the DVD of the Sopranos, and a bird feeder and -- there were other things, but I've forgotten.

Anyway, as I said. No news.


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