Paper -- there is paper everywhere.

2002-12-06 - 9:59 a.m.


I think I'm just exhausted, but I feel like crying.

It's the kind of day where you come to work carrying 4 bulky items, and then something else annoying happens -- you don't have the spare key you usually give to the parking guy, or you have to use the tiny stall in the women's room (with all of your four bulky items) and you realize you've forgotten to bring extra tampax. You need the extra tampax -- that in itself is a bad thing.

And the woman I'm coordinating the sending out of letters requesting money for teachers' holiday presents is a pain, so I have to send out all the letters myself. Which involves a lot of paper and licking and stamps.

And other things too tedious to mention.

However -- it is a bit colder out, and it may rain, and I am a fan of weather. I think in celebration I am wearing my comfy charcoal gray cableknit cashmere pullover with the shirt collar. It's too big, which adds to its general comfiness.

There were fits this morning, too. Maddy (I think I'm going to call her the youngest member) had not studied all of her spelling words, so we were trying to do that while Nora finished her english homework and I tried to type up Maddy's story (which was not bad.) But then the damn thing wouldn't print.

Nora told me to move it into Word, so I did that, and it did print.

But the whole morning was just a bit too much for a tired and worn our person such as I.

You know what else? I think I'm supposed to start my kayaking class tomorrow morning, which may just be the end of me.


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