Maybe we'll make marmalade

2002-12-09 - 10:20 a.m.


An insane sort of weekend. Kevin a seething frustrated being wrapped up in electrical wires. Maddy at a party, so Nora and Kevin and I watched Soprano after Soprano after Soprano.

It's hard for Nora to follow, but I think that's good for her.

She also watched the Japanese version of the Ring. I liked it better as a Japanese scary movie, I think. You learn more about why the girl is bad -- she is perhaps the child of the Ocean.

Nora thought, and I guess I agree, that the American version is scarier.

Certainly there were good points about each. In the American one, the mother/reporter is a stronger character. She does most of the research by herself. But the Japanese one makes a certain sort of sense that the other one doesn't.

It reminds me of a Japanese cartoon version of the Little Mermaid that we have. My brother gave it to the kids when they were little, and they were sort of fascinated and distressed by it -- in the end she dies, as she does in the story.

An amazing thing about the two Rings was how similar the houses were in both movies. Amazing, actually.


Then Nora and The-girl-across-the-street made a sort of girl Wayne's World movie that was actually sort of funny.

And we made the house parts of gingerbread houses.

THat and 40 loads of laundry. It's no wonder I'm exhausted.

We watched a Charlie Brown Christmas last night, too, and I remembered my mixed feelings about the whole thing. The music is great, and I like the kids dancing around. But why are they all so mean to Charlie Brown? It's not very nice.


Anyway -- I got a few packages mailed off, too -- The Christmas season is upon us -- there's no turning back now. Gulp.


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