2002-12-11 - 11:12 a.m.


I'm home today. I have to go to the gynecologist this afternoon. I hate the gynecologist. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. He's actually a nice guy. He's about a year older than me. (This is no longer a big deal, but 14 years ago it was.) And he's a big Cal booster. It was a big deal when Nora was born, during football season. I really can't remember if there was a game the day she was born or not, but if there was, it was a huge sacrifice for him to be there.

And he was a frat boy. Normally, I am against frat boys. But he's kind of cute, plus he has this almost incredible lack of circumspectness -- he explained to me once the differences among all the frats -- Of the frat who lives in the house by the famous architects (Green and Green) he said, "Oh, they're all stoners. All they do is smoke dope and take care of the house."

But it would be one thing to talk to him about these fantastic topics at a cocktail party or something, and another to have this conversation with his head -- well.

On the other hand, it is kind of refreshing.

Anyway -- I'm having a nice day at home, though. I called the woman recommended to me as a new piano teacher for Maddy. I called 24 hour fitness. I'm going to join a gym, damn it, and lose weight and stop being a lard-ass. I have an appointment tonight. Ha! I'm going to get a laptop, too, so I can do some work at home. And I'm going to find out just what the deal is -- could we have a kid? Should we think about adopting? ????

You know what -- I want another kid, and I'd be willing to adopt. Seeing Kevin this weekend, though, I see why we didn't do this while there was time. He's overwhelmed. I actually like a bit of chaos. Life seems a bit boring without it. He, however, feels overwhelmed when he can't find his socks, and he can't find them because he left them on the floor when he took them off, and they got lost under the bed.

So -- if it just happened, it would be one thing, but to have to go out and jump through lots of hoops (nevermind the money) is going to be another.

So --

Hey-- I recommended those books by Megan Whalen Turner -- the Thief; and the Queen of Attolia. they're really good, and you should read them. I also just read the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Another Young Adult book, but also really really good. Ann Brasheres. Go read it.

Okay -- I have to go apply my newfound christmas spirit to the 75 things on my list, and a trip to the postoffice, and thanks a million to Simplify, who sparked it with her completely unexpected and wonderful Christmas CD.



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