ho hum

2002-12-12 - 9:50 a.m.


At work today. It was so nice yesterday, being home. Hmmm.

I am thinking about the view out the back window. It's a nice view -- a view of wet leaves and some bare boughs and parts of the deck, painted red, but peeling.

So I went to the gynecologist, and we talked about frats. He's serious about it -- I get the feeling that he's still involved. He had some issue about the university giving them a hard time for drinking and having sex.

I think that's why people live off campus, though. If you live in a frat, you're sort of affiliated or something, and if parents complain, the University is sort of responsible, or accountable. If you live in an apartment, it's your own damn fault.

I think -- that may or may not have been the issue.

And -- people actually can die if they have their period for months on end. Good to know, I suppose. If it happens again, I'll call him.

And it's not very likely that K and I could have another kid -- Sorry, I am still thinking about this, despite all promises to stop.

I guess the next step is to wait and see if my period is normal next month, and then possibly talk to some fertility person.

Or think about adopting.

I think either the fertility-thing or adoption fall under the extreme measures rubric. If it just happened, Kevin would deal with it. But if we actually have to engage in extreme measures, it requires a whole different order of thought.

It may be time for a discussion of sorts.

First, however, I think I need some tea.


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