2002-12-16 - 9:11 a.m.

I'm just saying ....

There was some amazing weather this weekend. It rained and rained and rained, and then it rained sideways for a while, and then the power went out.

We went Christmas shopping -- the girls and I -- but there was not way we were going to go cut a tree down in the mud. Plus imagine bringing it in completely wet and sopping.

I was supposed to go to my kayaking class, and I did, but there was no one there, and the place was all locked up, and the waves were very high and very brown.

And Nora had her 13th birthday party at the local pool. It was actually a lot of fun. The kids in her class are really nice. Some girls refused to go in the water, so they spent the time walking around the pool deep in conversation. A few of them eventually ventured in. But anyway, it seemed like they all have a very nice time. So that was good.

And we had our neighbors over for dinner, too, which was also nice. I made chili, and they brought cornbread, and we hung out in the living room for a while, and then we ate in the dining room. It actually went very well. Partly, I think, because the girls are so familiar with them -- there was none of that wierd kid behavior where they either hide in their room, or suddenly, in the middle of something, need you to find the tape for them.

Did I mention that we are having 13 people for Christmas dinner? There's us, that four. Then I did invite my sisters-in-law and their two kids, so that's eight. One of them is bringing her parents, so that's ten. Then my local brother is going to be around after all (eleven) because my Arizona brother and his wife (thirteen) are planning to be around. !!!

I think it will be fun, but it does mean we really have to cook and decorate. Usually we just sort of do it. Luckily, my brother from Arizona likes to cook, plus he's the type who gets really nervous with nothing to do, so maybe he will come over and help me. I ordered the turkey, so that's good. I can make the pies a day ahead -- that's easy. Then there's just stuffing and mashed potatoes and peas and turnips and sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce and rolls.

You will note the near absense of green vegetables. It's traditional.

Kevin is already worrying that the Arizona brother will make overtly religious comments which will disturb my Jewish sisters-in-law and worse, their parents. One of them is Israeli, so Christmas is pretty much a nothing to her, but one is from New Jersey, and has been subjected to the tyranny of the season for years and years. I think it will be okay, though. The Arizona brother can be sort of clueless, but I think they already know that. The Arizona sister-in-law can be sort of touchy, but possibly she will enjoy hanging out with Maddy, decorating dollhouses. The local brother will possibly be a neurotic mess, but that can't really be helped, either.

Anyway -- I think that's really what the holiday season is supposed to be about -- hanging out and being driven nuts by your beloved family. Frankly, you miss it when they're not around.

It's my upbringing.

I'm thinking I may make eucalyptus garlands. There's a lot of fallen branches around. They're quite pretty -- pale grey-green with nice pink fringey flowers.

I'm thinking about it.

OKay, then.

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