how bad can it be?

2002-12-17 - 11:46 a.m.

OKay. I think I've reached the end of my rope. So to speak.

Kevin is in a complete state of frenzy. I try to let him be in his state of frenzy and just keep out of the way. It's not my problem -- I'm not the one who has made his life intolerable -- if he wants to go live in a hermit tower in the desert in Egypt, alone with all his various wiring configurations, I am not stopping him.

However, after about a week of this, it's getting a little hard. I'm about to buy him a ticket to the desert colony of hermits.

Well, plus, I have my own things to worry about, and trying to keep up an unworrying facade is beginning to be a bit much.

PLus, he's got this wiring crap all over the house and I hate it.

He complains that there's always something. Which makes me wonder what exactly his perfect life would be like. A clean room, maybe -- you know, where they make chips? It would be very quiet, except for the humm of the flourescent lights. There would be no windows. It would be painfully white. Nothing would ever happen. You would stay in there for years, doing nothing.

Sounds like hell to me.

Plus, he's mad at the weather. Who could be mad at the weather? We get weather ONCE A YEAR.

I guess this would be part of his perfect world, too. Nothing would ever surprise you. The weather would be unvarying. Maybe you could even plan for it. You know, schedule a light rain for Tuesday night from 2-4 am. But never enough to have to worry about power outages. That would be too unpredictable.

I suppose I am being an unsympathetic jerk. I suppose that if we could get the wiring in, there would be some chance of getting the room downstairs finished, and Nora could move into the current study.

However, what I really suspect is that even if we get the wiring in, it will still be months before the contractor moves on to the next thing. Also, once Kevin moves into the study in the basement, it will be even harder to talk to him, because I'll have to go out in the rain to find him.

On the other hand, maybe he'll be happier because none of us will be able to talk to him.

Who knows -- maybe having no contact at all would be a good thing.

Anyway --

In other news, my friend Anne gave me a recipe for marmelade, and I am going to make some.


I found some nice eucalyptus boughs to make garlands with, and my brother will help me do it.

We've got an interesting book to read in our book group (Life of Pi).

I've got presents for my inlaws, although not my parents.

I have no idea what to get for Nora, and most of the stuff for Maddy will come after Christmas. On the other hand, I think it may be okay to move on to a more low-key Christmas, giftwise.

I've got something for Kevin.

I need to get something for my brothers, now. Ugh. Maybe marmelade will be enough.

OKay -- got to go.


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