planet of the morons

2002-12-18 - 4:33 p.m.

So --

I may be feeling slightly better. I was on the reference desk this afternoon. There was hardly anyone there, but then the phone rang and it was this woman who wanted me to find something --

OKay, she was a moron!

She wanted to know where our building is. "Is it near X Hall?"

Well, not really -- it's at the corner of R and S.

Meant nothing to her.

Well where are you coming from?

Apparently the planet of the morons. She only knew that she was going to be at X Hall taking a screenwriting class.

"I'll ask some of those students -- they'll know."

You do that.

Then she wanted me to research some facts for her about Kevin Costner.

"Have you heard of him? Apparently ..."

Jesus God.

I was polite. I helped her as much as I could. I really did. I did a google search. I told her how to do her own google search. I told her who to call to get what she seemed to want.

I think the moon was full last night, and maybe that is the cause of all this.

I'm leaving now, and going home.

The other person on the desk rolled her eyes.

I just have no patience these days --

Okay, then.


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