2003-01-06 - 2:08 p.m.

So --

You want the whole recap?

We did finally get a tree. We had a nice Christmas. i think we did manage to spend a bit less than we usually do, and noone seemed to mind very much.

We had 13 people for Christmas dinner -- including mostly my brothers unorthodox family -- and it was actually very nice. I like them. Their two-year-old girl, especially, is a lot of fun. The parents of K. came -- a perfectly normal couple from long island -- she a psychotherapist, he some kind of computer consultant. I liked them. I think my mother would like them, too - they sail, and they sail right by my mother's house. I think my mother should ask them to stop by. I told her this, but don't know if she'll listen.

Actually, the girls took the initiative and send my mom a holiday card and a thank you note for a gift. While you might argue that my brother should have done this, he never ever would, and it's a good thing that they did.

It sounds petty. It is petty -- but it's somehow important.

Anyhow. Then we went to Michigan, which was very nice. It turned out that Kevin's brother and annoying sister-in-law were there, with their kids. It sounded like an impending disaster, but actually turned out fine! I think she has relaxed a lot, plus their kids -- now two and four -- were really fun. We'd intended to go skiing, since we were going to be there a week -- but ended up not, since K's brother was around, and then we needed a few days to just hang out.

The hanging out was good -- we all had our obligatory illness, requiring lots of sleep and reading -- and came home feeling rested enough for me to begin cleaning out the girls' room (what a disaster!)

Wish I had another week, now, to hang out at home.

A week, as I believe I noted before, is a long time to be away.

Anyway -- got to go. I have to pick up Maddy soon and take her to the tutor.

But I do feel better.


1. Another kid.

2. Move to climate with 4 seasons -- if not immediately, within 10 years.

3. Buy laptop, so I can work at home two days a week.

4. Change of job?

5. Get in shape.

6. Write a book.

7. ???


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