5 words

2003-01-10 - 7:27 a.m.


It's very very early. I have to fill out an application for Maddy for middle school. It's not that bad -- just a page, mostly filled with addresses, etc.

But then -- 5 words which best describe your child.

Info to help us better understand your child

Why would your child thrive at X.

I remember doing all this for Nora, and the horrible angst I suffered -- middle school A, middle school B.

I'm so happy she ended up where she did -- she's learning a lot, plus they're all completely nice people. Yay!

Plus -- it's got stuff. Stuff matters. There are a lot of schools stuffed in basements and rooms with filthy gray carpeting. I think you actually can learn a lot in such a place -- Maddy's school has four rooms and a yard -- but it is a great thing to have some space -- a gym, an art room, an afterschool room, an outdoors.

Anyway -- that's what I'm up to today -- coming up with 5 words.


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