2003-01-13 - 9:44 a.m.


I have to run out soon and get some money -- unless maybe I can borrow some from Barbara.

Quite a weekend. Lost my wallet. Ugh. Took down the tree. Ugh. Meant to go see the Two Towers, but couldn't due to loss of wallet.

47 loads of laundry. Major grocery shopping. Sleep. Walked 12 miles on Saturday (partially due to loss of wallet).

Helped Maddy do some homework (painful.)

Roasted a chicken. Broiled some steaks.

I think this tree was the nicest we've ever had. It was an incense cedar, and not very full, so it had lacy boughs, but you could see the silver bark in the middle. It was the perfect height, too -- just about touiching the ceiling.

Poor old tree.

Okay -- I have to go deal with the money situation.


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