2003-01-15 - 8:29 a.m.

Oh -- poor Nora.

I picked her up about 4:30 yesterday, and learned that she had two tests to study for. OKay. Then it turned out she also had a brochure to write for social studies. She had to come up with three places in or near China (she chose Mt. Everest, the Gobi Desert, and the Yangtze River) and make up a paragraph and a picture for each one, luring potential travelers.

It was actually pretty fun -- She got Maddy to draw two pictures. She came up with some fairly goofy-yet-factual paragraphs offering junk trips on the Yangtze ending with a night at the Ping the Duck Royal Resort, skiing on Everest while staying at the Royal Abominable Snowman resort, and a stay in the Royal Velociraptor Resort in the Gobi Desert with a side trip to the back side of the Great Wall of China. But it took a lot of time -- she wasn't really done until after midnight. I was reading Cry the Beloved Country to her as she glue-sticked all her paragraphs and pictures into her brochure -- one of her tests was on that, and she hadn't finished reading it. She never really did get around to studying for her nutrition test.

Of course, it was a crisis purely of her own construction -- she should have finished the reading last week, or over the weekend, and the brochure could also have been done over the weekend. I sort of had a feeling that her lolling about this weekend had an I'm-avoiding-something quality about it.

On the other hand, she's only 13.

She also has a basketball game today, and won't be home until after 7.

Kevin drove the girls to school this morning, too, and he was muttering about how they need to get to bed. Well, yeah, but when you have a project, you have to do it.

So --

So, what else.

I still have not mailed out Christmas cards. I'm having some trouble with the Christmas letter -- I think I'm going to just have to use the version I've got in all its crappiness. Quickly, before it becomes a valentines card.

OKay, then.


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