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2003-01-21 - 10:11 a.m.

So --

It's raining.

Three days off -- what did we do?

I think I did laundry, and some basic tidying up. Still haven't seen the Two Towers, although we did rent a horrible movie with Angelina Jolie in it. (I really don't like her. She's some kind of lethal combination of ugly and stupid and sultry. Plus, her legs are like sticks. Really, how could that be considered sexy?) We rented About a boy, too, which was not bad. Not quite as -- something - as the book. The plot is changed, and the whole things-fall-apart is not as dramatic in the movie. But it was funny.

Nora had a monstrous pile of homework, so I think mainly she did that. Maddy read her book. (The whole fifth grade is reading these Tamora Pierce books with great interest.) I put together two of the Ikea things my mother bought me.

As Nora said, "We're really not ready for these yet." She's right -- it's a new dresser for me, and two chests, to take the place of my two smaller dressers, one of which is broken. I'll give the not-broken one to Nora. But the trouble is, until she has her own room, there's nowhere to put it. It wouldn't fit in her present room. I certainly can't fit it in my room.

Our house is really really small --

So I'm putting these things together to get the boxes out of the living room, but what I'm going to do with the furniture that comes out of them I'm not really sure.

Had a somewhat productive talk with Kevin.

Had fondue again on Sunday.

The contractor painted the new stucco on the garage and it looks really nice.

I pruned and weeded the front yard -- I cut the roses and the catmint way back, pulled out some of the oxalis. Trimmed the penstamon. Pruned the princess tree that had gotten way too tall for itself. Decimated on lion's tale bush. It needs to go away -- the manzanita and the flannel bush are big enough now to need all that space. I like lion's tale, but it has never really worked in that space. It wants to take over the whole front and cover up our windows. So it has to go.

Heh heh heh.

So --

I'm pretty tired, to tell you the truth.

Book group last night --we're reading Life of Pi. We liked it. I haven't finished it yet.

I think I need more sleep --


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