lunch and books

2003-01-21 - 1:45 p.m.


I went out for lunch, which was a good idea.

Food is good. Fresh air possibly better.

The students are back. They're everywhere -- although mostly in a line out the door of the copy place. Picking up readers.

The rain has them a little subdued, though, I think.

Anyway --

But now I'm back.

I did the horrible thing. I changed Maddy's piano teacher. The old one, while beloved, only gave half hour lessons and lived half an hour away. I feel terrible about moving. But also, the older students we observed at the recitals didn't seem so great. Like -- well, I think she's really a singer, and not a pianist. Well, maybe she's an accompanist. Which is its own sort of skill, but --

So anyway, I finally managed to tell her we're switching. I still feel terrible, but at least its done.

The new one lives five minutes away, gives 45 minute lessons, and is sort of a professional piano teacher.

We'll see. I hope I've done the right thing.


Okay, then.

Got to go.

Life of Pi is getting interesting.

I'm thinking about books I wish we'd read/will read in the book group. We should have read the Corrections, Atonement --

I'm still thinking. There are a bunch of big books that we missed. We sometimes tend to pick less good books officially, but then we all end up reading the other books on the side -- which is good, but means we can't really talk about them.


Okay, then.

Probably Kavalier and Clay.

Okaye then.

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