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2003-01-23 - 9:55 a.m.

So --

Maddy's off visiting Middle School B. I hope Nora is nice to her, should they encounter each other. She was quite nervous -- carefully selected her favorite pants and shirt, plus a sweatshirt (not a polar fleece!) plus moneky socks.

The person assigned to guide her around looked like a grownup, in a sort of dress thing. Hopefully it will be okay. Maddy is not a grownup. But I think her friend Zoe sometimes wears dresses, so --

Poor dear.

And Nora survived her basketball game/flute lesson extravaganza. They lost in the last minutes, but the score was something like 26-24, so not bad at all.

It's wierd -- I've sat through hundreds of soccer games, and I must have somehow accumulated some soccer knowledge. Which I don't have at all about basketball -- I don't know how long the games go, or what they're supposed to do, or what the positions are or anything.

I don't even really know the other parents --

Okay, and I have to think about renting a ski place in February. In fact, I'd better do that today --

Okay, bye then.

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