my very busy weekend

2003-01-27 - 9:28 a.m.

So --

The weekend seemed to involve lots of children being over, which was fine although not without moments of conflict.

I didn't walk, because I'm still worried about bleeding to death, although that seems to have stopped for the moment.

I had an interesting talk with Kevin's brother on the phone. He's a pretty laconic guy, but he was actually sort of funny on the phone. "You don't know, Chris, what kind of a weekend it was --" he said.

We were talking about the sort of proposed trip to Ireland.

I'm not sure it's going to happen, considering that Kevin's dad is anemic, and not feeling so well. Although apparently feeling better after a treatment.

Anyway -- I'm trying to put the summer together, which is always a hellish experience involving appeasement of various family members and calls to my mother.

What else -- Oh, Maddy and I saw The Two Towers, which was not bad except that major plotlines were messed up -- the Ents should have been more cooperative from earlier on, and Faramir was unequivocably good in the book.

It's funny -- I almost liked the first movie better than the book, but the bit about Faramir especially was not right.

And I helped Nora make a genuine vase from the Song dynasty, with a lovely celadon glaze. Cardboard circles with green modeling clay on top. More work than you might think. And Maddy went to a Theory class with her new piano teacher -- she was crying beforehand, but then came out smiling. It had actually been fun.

She's growing up. She spent a day at middle school B last week and it was fine. She went to a theory class with middleschoolers and that was fine, too.

She's also really pretty, all of a sudden. Her hair is sort of auburn. She and her friend Morgan worked out what she should wear to the middle school visit (!!) and part of it was to put her hair up in a claw thing. It was very pretty somehow.

Anyway -- then we watched the super bowl (well, I went to the grocery store) -- who knew that football games have 30 minute halves? What wimps! Nora's soccer games have 35 minute halves, I think, and they're 12 year old girls who can be in the whole half, running around the whole time!

But while that was on, Kevin took apart the Ikea chest that I had put together wrong, and then put it together again -- He agreed that the directions were crappy -- at a crucial point they don't tell you that it matters which side of a crucial board goes up instead of down. It looks symmetrical, but isn't, quite.

And here I am --

I read Garth Nix's Abhorsen over the weekend. Pretty good, but --. I also started Ann Patchett's Bel Canto, which I am liking, and read some other Garth Nix books.

Maddy's deep into Tamora Pierce's Alanna, and Nora's reading Coraline, but Neil Gaimon.

I think that's all the news -- I have to go call my mother, and possibly eat some breakfast, not to mention get some work done --

Okay, then.



Part of the children-sleeping over was Nora wanting to watch scarey movies with her friend -- the friend who woke up at 4:00 inthe morning the last time we went to see a scarey movie with her. But Kevin took them to the video store, and they rented scarey movies.

So -- we let them watch the Lair of the White Worm, which is completely silly. It's got Hugh Grant in it! Kevin and I saw it in the early 80s, I think, so he must have been, what in his 20s? Anyway, it is really one of my very favorite movies. Completely campy and silly.

Anyway -- that really is all the news --


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