2003-01-29 - 9:00 a.m.

You know what -- I am actually not feeling very well.

This realization has only recently come to me. It's gotten to the point where dragging myself up the hill from the parking lot to work makes my heart pound. I don't think it's because I'm that out of shape -- I think it's becauise I'm sick.

So I guess I'll call the doctor.

I had another, similar realization on returning from Kevin's parents' house. It's not that we're completely slothful and bad people -- it's that our house really is really small, and there's no place to put anything.

So -- I'm really really tired (part of my sickness)

And --

I'm not sure what else.

This whole war in Iraq thing is beginning to have me worried. John le Carre had a great editorial in the Times of London. I'm not sure when -- Kevin found it online somewhere. The point of this whole thing, he says, is to get rid of Saddam and put in some kind of protectorate so that all these oil people can get all the oil and sell it to us.

I'm quite sure that's true.

I'm also sure there's some kind of showing up his father thing going on, too. Look, you screwed it up. You had a chance to get all this oil and you blew it and now I'm going to show you how it should have been done.

It makes me very worried. I actually really like this country. Possibly it's because I grew up in New England and was fed all this stuff young about how this country is an interesting experiment and was founded by basically decent people who had ideas that other people shouldn't boss you around -- the small farmer, etc. But there is this troubling strain -- this let's take control of the government and run it so that it only does good things for rich people, and the poor people will go along with it, too, for reasons that are unfathomable to me. And then this whole religious element -- I don't actually mind religion, but I don't think it should interfere with people learning about evolution or leading normal lives.

I mean, at a certain point I suppose I should consider Canada, which is another fine country with a decent healthcare system and other good social things. But it makes me mad that I'd have to leave my country. Well, it makes me sad, too, but mostly it makes me mad.

My grandmother's father came from Canada, and she spend part of her childhood in Vancouver.

Anyway -- I'm really not a very political person at all, but if it really comes to this war in Iraq I really don't know what I'll do. It's completely unsupportable, and completely cynical.


Hope you've enjoyed my rant. Think I'll call the doctor, now --

I've got books 4 and 5 of Garth Nix's Seventh Tower series. They're good, but sort of unsatisfying. It looks like they were written according to some agreement with the publisher -- to be a series for kids. They would have been better as a well constructed whole book, though, I think. Nora is enjoying Neil Gaiman's Coraline, and Maddy has finished the first book of Tamora Pierce's Alanna series and moved on to the second.

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