Nothing at all

2003-02-04 - 10:16 a.m.


Actually, I really have things to do -- things I should have done last week but didn't.

I'm sort of exhausted, in a fundamental way, which makes it hard.

Oh, but I did get the kids scheduled for sailing camp in Massachusetts. My mother is a complete lunatic over this one. Have I not been signing children up for camp for years, now? Yes, I have. THe form said -- in by Feb. 15, space guaranteed. So I mailed it yesterday. Even given the enormous distance to Massachusetts, and the fact that her small town is a little off the beaten path, I do believe 12 days should be enough. Now I'm supposed to call her, to prevent her from calling and pestering others (like the poor woman who volunteered to do the registration). Actually, she wanted me to call and pester others. I think now that I've sent it in, I can just let her go -- she can go ahead and call and pester if she likes.

Anyway --

And Nora has been practising her flute (I bribed her with a new cell phone cover -- bribery is really so every effective. Hmmm.) And she sounds so much better, and I think it's actually less painful even for her. And she had a basketball game yesterday and they won! And she made two baskets and scored 4 points! Her friend Emma scored four points, too. It's very good. I think it may be a better sport for her than soccer. Soccer requires a lot of endurance. With basketball, it seems, you're running around a lot, but just in short bursts. She might be better at that.

Anyway --

What else -- Maddy's piano is sounding good. I have to speak to the people at middle school b, since her testing did not go well. I'm actually not worried, though. She's doing so well at school recently -- she's finishing her work, and is even ahead in her work. She's at grade level in everything. She's reading a lot. The one thing she really falls apart in is testing -- standardized testing, or, I assume, the test she had to take at middle school b -- where she felt worried. She does fine on spelling tests now. So -- hopefully I can explain that to them, and if I can't, she'll stay where she is one more year and try again.

She really is at grade level -- in fact, she's not even in the lowest math or reading groups for 5th graders. So I think she's doing just fine.

Anyway -- there's the latest update on my exciting life. I walked four miles on Sunday, and two last night. I'm aiming for 12/week.

Happy Chinese New Year.


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