two facts

2003-02-07 - 1:32 p.m.

Hey -- two things:

1. I think the source of my bad sleeping is that I've been cold! I need to bring another blanket up from the basement. I really like to sleep with lots of covers. Heavy covers. So I think that will fix that.

2. I got a Christmas card from an old friend yesterday. Specifically, he is a boy I met in high school, although he didn't go to my high school, and we went out for maybe six months -- through the summer after high school, and then college, although he didn't go to my college. I can't exactly remember the timing. But then recently he spent a year of sabbatical in this town. So. Anyway -- a) His child has grown up and is beautiful! My friend and his wife are both white, and their child (adopted) is half african american. When I last saw them, this seemed to be causing them some distress in the sense of -- do we know what we're doing? will this cause the kid pain in the future? have we done the right thing? But really, to look at the picture of the three of them, and this exquisitely beautiful kid looking so comfortable and so happy -- it must all be working out just fine, which makes me happy. The other thing (b) is that he said he'd had a heart attack! My god, I am now old enough to have friends -- boys from high school -- who've had heart attacks. I guess he's okay -- he's ona special diet and is exercising like a fiend. But. Anyway.

I guess I should specify that when they were here the kid was probably two, and he's now maybe five -- something like that.


Well, that's all then.


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