cold, with thoughts of gardening

2003-02-07 - 9:11 a.m.

It's cold!


The east coast is having a storm, though, from what I hear.


Today was my day to come in early, which completely did not work because a) I had to type up some story for Maddy which took hours and b) I had to make sure Nora packed up all her stuff for sleeping over at her friends -- again a long, complicated train of events -- a dance and then a sleepover and then a birthday party -- which reminds me that I didn't give her the five dollars for the dance. Hmmm.

Anyway -- and next week I have to go to some horrible workshop thing, which will be fine, but not really. And I'm signing up for another horrible workshop thing in April, which will be fine, but also not really, and it's in San Jose, which feels like Duluth to me. I mean, it's not all that far away -- but it feels like it is. I think I really do have to leave the house at 5:30 to get there by 9.


And Lynn is coming in a week. We have to get skis, and think about cars. I hope that Lynn will help think about the garden. The front is looking pretty good -- the manzanita is blooming and it is so pretty, and the flannel bush is getting buds. I have to do the median strip -- I think I should stick to the native plant idea, and move the bricks around.

Actually, that's a big enough job. The back is a disaster, but maybe that can wait --

OKay, then.


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