Longest journey -- shortest step

2003-02-14 - 8:12 a.m.


I'm back, but now I'm leaving again. Lynn's coming in tonight, and we're going up to the mountains on Sunday. That gives us enough time to collapse, and then pick stuff up and pack it and run the 80,000 errands that need to be run.

Unfortunately, I feel a cold coming on. But, judging from the people I think I got it from, it shouldn't last too long.

Happy valentines day, by the way.

I like valentines day. Partly because my favorite color is red. Also, I think, because you get to make valentines and hand them out, and that's pretty much it. Nora's just handing out candy, but Maddy still has to make cards. Listen to what we did -- there's this really cool stuff -- sort of a glue, I guess -- and you squeeze it onto plastic, and when it dries it looks like a tiny stained glass window. Then you peel it off the plastic and stick it on your window and it's very nice. So we made hearts on 34 baggies -- different colored hearts -- and then we put candy and a small piece of construction paper (red, pink or purple -- cut with wiggly scissors) into each bag. The paper said, "from Maddy." So people can eat the candy, and stick the little heart on their windows when they get home.

It's exceptionally clever, I think, because it incorporates the bag into the card.

So --

That's what my stepfather says when he has really nothing to say, but wants to be companionable. So -- It also means, okay, then, I think I'll go back up to my office, then.

What else -- I found the Friends of the Library bookstore yesterday. What a great find! I got a book on Aran sweaters, the first three Horatio Hornblower novels in a nice edition, and a collection of Rosamunde Pilcher novels for $9.50! I think I'll keep the Hornblower and the sweater book, and I'll probably read the Pilcher and then maybe donate it to my own library -- so they can sell it again. I mean, for $2.50, how can you go wrong?

And --

I was in this training over in the main library, and it was really nice. It was nice in many ways. I used to work in the main library, and I still know many people over there, and then, since coming to work here, I've actually met more people in the main library since I've been on committees with them, etc. It's nice to get out, is what I guess I'm trying to say. It's nice to have the somewhat intellectually challenging experience of being trained to do something new (it sounds like horse-training, doesn't it?). It was nice to meet the woman from the Library of Congress who came to train us -- makes you feel like you're not working in complete isolation -- and it's nice to see other people from other libraries around here who are doing similar stuff.

In general, it was a good thing, and I think I shoudl maybe make a practce of at least leaving the building at lunchtime. I found the bookstore, actually, because I ran into one of my fellow trainees yesterday at lunch, and he had a bag of books --

Anyway -- I feel sort of revitalized, and possibly more interested.

Okay, then.

Got to go do 1,000 things.


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