Back again

2003-02-24 - 10:01 a.m.


I'm back.

Way too much to talk about.

We did go skiing, and it was fun, but many of us were sick as dogs, and Nora broke her arm, and Kevin was in a bad mood.

Now he's actually sick, so siin I will go home and ask him if he'd like to go skiing now.


Maddy got to go on double black diamonds with Lynn. That was good. Kevin and I can't take her, god knows.

Lynn made me go to the doctor to get my asthma under control. That was good. I also have a sort of appointment to take care of all this blood. I think I may in fact be aenemic.

Anyway. despite all the health crises, we had a good time.

But now I have to go deal with my mail.


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