2003-02-28 - 10:12 a.m.

So --

I actually am feeling better, although I am still a) really tired, b) deaf and c) really tired. Also coughing.

Think I'll go downstairs to the cafe and get some tea.

It was interesting having Lynn here. It was great, actually, but it did have two strange consequences. Kevin went sort of haywire. Lynn is his friend, too. She was his friend before she was my friend. But -- oh, I don't know. When she's here, it's all different. She doesn't put up with all his neuroses the way I do. And I realize how much I do, and how ridiculous it is.


This could probably all be rephrased.

Nora was sort of out of whack, too. People see her and think she's a teenager, and that causes her to sort of act like one. I think. Hmmm.

Maddy and Lucas got along famously, though. They both love kitties. They both drew comics and played with Maddy's little set-ups, although with the addition of wiring devices rigged by Lucas. It was great.

And we saw Kevin's cousin, who is such a nice boy.

OKay, then. I'm going to do a few things and then I'm going home. I'm still tired, and I need to clean the house up a little. Oh, and take a nap. Oh, and read a little.


And Lynn made donuts, and even I cooked. It's so much easier to cook when you're not the only one doing it.

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