so very tired

2003-03-03 - 9:01 a.m.

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I think we're all feeling sort of blah. I went to the grocery store, and while I was out Nora managed to get her cast completely soaked through. So she was in a panic, and now I need to call the doctor and find out what to do. She's completely afraid that she's going to mold. Poor dear. It was pretty wet, though. We hairdried it for a very long time. The edges are finally dry, but she's afraid that the parts inside are wet. Which they may be.

Also, I'm still deaf.

Plus, I'm just tired. I'm going to the doctor on Friday, and hopefully he will fix it. Really, for most of the weekend I sat in a chair and read. I'm sort of too tired to do much else.

It does make the whole world seem sort of gray.

Nora was exhausted and crabby from her whirlwind of social activity, plus the cast trauma. Maddy wanted to spend the entire weekend watching animal planet. Gah.

Not sure what Kevin was up to. He did clean up the yard a bit and make new slats for Nora's bed. She was in danger of falling though onto Maddy. So then I changed Nora's bed, which confused her.

Anyway -- I have stuff I suppose I'd better do --



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