2003-03-05 - 10:18 a.m.


Nothing to say.

Need some ice.

Perhaps back later --

I read Woodiwiss's Flame and the flower. I think it might be her first. I think it is probably her best. There seem to be certain elements. The couple gets together early on, but then misunderstandings ensue, and although they are possibly even married, they can't have sex for the middle two-thirds of the book. Then they get back together, just in time for the mystery part to take over, which is where something from the beginning of the book comes back and ruins everything for 20 pages or so until it is resolved. Phew.

In the Flame and the flower, the reason for the misunderstandings is perhaps not so ridiculous as in the other books, and the mystery is also not so completely out of the blue as in others. The formula actually seems somewhat integral. Also, the characters don't seem to have some kind of personality transplant in the misunderstandings section, which can also happen.

OKay, then.

Going to get some ice.


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