2003-03-13 - 9:36 a.m.

So -- Apparently it's going to rain later today, so right now there's that weird kind of light, where certain parts of the landscape are bathed in light, while the rest is dark and obscure. This morning it was Brooks Island, and then San Francisco. Sort of nice.

Our cleaning lady has returned from Mexico. Hooray! I really did clean -- I changed all the sheets, and I really cleaned all the kitchen counters, and the window sills, which she doesn't even do. And I tidied up the bathroom, although I did not exactly scrub it. And I've been vacuuming. But still, it will be a relief to have her back.

Nora's friend came over for dinner again. I like her -- when she's around, Nora gets all her homework done. I like her dad, too. He seems to be both smart and funny, which is a nice combination. He doesn't seem shocked or alarmed by our completely disheveled house.

Which reminds me of having dinner with our neighbors a couple weekend ago. They also don't seem shocked or alarmed, plus the nice thing about going to their house is that their house is similarly disheveled, plus they always give us delicious cocktails. Mmmm.

OKay -- we're having a birthday coffee today with a coworker. She doesn't like lunch, but she likes a nice pastry. So we're going to have nice pastries, and I'm going to run out a little early to the nursery and get her a nice plant for her yard. Perhaps I'll find a nice plant for my yard, too!

OKay, then --


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