Monday at home

2003-03-17 - 9:44 a.m.

So -- I'm home waiting for the house appraiser to come -- we're refinancing.

Not a bad weekend. I'm feeling better. the kids both slept at friends' houses on saturday, so Kevin and I went to see About Schmidt, which I really liked. I didn't expect to -- it was kevin's choice. But it was funny! Very funny, actually. And I liked how things weren't overexplained -- I can't exactly remember a specific example, but -- the viewer is shown enough to know what's happening, but not more than you need to know. He goes to a door -- he goes in. It's the next day.

I also liked the contrast between his completely blank exterior and his rather emotional letters to Ndugu.

I also liked that while you are sympathetic to poor Schmidt, you can also see that he IS a jerk -- his daughter's criticisms of him are quite valid.

The awful wedding was completely classic and reminds me of any number of terrible weddings I've been to. Also shown and not dwelt on -- the hideous green of the reception hall. The awful bridesmaids' dresses (some puffy blue thing). The bride's hair. The groom's hair! there's a great shot of the bride and her father coming down the aisle, and then a shot of the groom waiting, with this awful awful haircut! Some kind of skunk-mullet thing.


Jack Nicholson didn't look like jack Nicholson, either. His trademark evil look was almost completely absent. You really could see him as some sad, midwestern insurance salesman.

The house was rather perfect, too.


I've been reading, too. I finished the Fall of the Kings, which I found thoroughly enjoyable, although I still don't get what happens at the end. I'm going to have to iinvestigate, or get Anne to read it, or something. And I read Rowing to Lattitute, which is a completely wonderful book about a woman who loves to row. She grew up in Larchmont, where she had a little rowboat. Went to Dartmouth where she rowed, and ended up in Alaska, where she did more rowing, in an openwater shell. Interesting stories, and a pretty interesting book.

And I've been reading those books by Lloyd Alexander -- I'm on the first one, which is The Book of Three.

The thing is, books like the Fall of the Kings sort of ruin you for things like Lloyd Alexander because they have all the sort of famtasy elements, but they have sex in them, too.

What else -- I weeded a bit. Not enough, but a bit.

Had fun dropping Maddy off at her sleepover. It was a birthday party, so I got to hang out and have wine with the parents, who are pretty fun. It's funny - that particular set of parents are fun to hang out and drink with -- anyway that's what we did on the school camping trip.

Allright -- I had one glass of wine. Not exactly drinking. But fun anyway.

And it's 10, and this guy isn't here. But Lucy, the cat, is chasing rainbows around the dining room floor, and I think I'll go read in the living room where it's warm.


Oh -- we went to the candlelight vigil last night. there was one a few blocks from our house. About 90 people showed up, which is actually not very many. Still -- we felt very purposeful. Isabel, from across the street, made a speech about how war is bad for children. It was a good speech, and she knew it was a good speech. She was quite pleased with herself. She says shes going to be a lawyer, and in factm she'd be a good one. She's smart enough. Couldn't help comparing her with us -- all of us shy to a fault and completely unlikely, despite our convictions, to ever make a speech.


Okay, then.

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