Laundry -- more and more of it

2003-03-17 - 11:16 a.m.

Hey --

So the guy came. He was very nice. Sort of young, most probably gay (careful hair plus new-looking combat boots equalling gay), very careful about opening and closing doors with purpose. He was wearing a green sweater under his leather jacket. So am I -- green sweater, I mean. I never know whether I should or not, but then I always do. Happy St. Patrick's day! Kevin wasn't wearing any green, I think, but then his name is irish enough. Maddy had as many green items on as she could find. (She's very proud of being irish, for some reason.) Nora was wearing black, I think, but colored her eyebrows green, and wore a green headband.

She is a complete nut, especially concering her eyebrows.

My mother is half Irish, and my father was at least a quarter Irish. But my name is not.

I like my name, actually. Short and to the point.

Anyway -- Showing this guy around our house made me wonder what people think when they come to our house. I like our house -- it's a sort of a mediteranean bungalow built in the late 20s. The front door has a little faux-turret effect, a square turret. Bits of Spanish tile. But it's small, and very crowded, and full of stuff. Books, primarliy, for which there is no room on the shelves. No room for more shelves, either. And there are papers, and art works by children, and boxes of paint for the creation of more artworks, and ... bottles of wine, and cds and cameras and candles and fondue sets and cotton candy machines and more books and photos and little porceleine animals and empty bottles being saved for god-knows-what and light bulbs and glue ----

Probably the overwhelming impulse of most visitors is to think -- why can't they throw anything out.

If I look at it like a stranger, which I can sometimes, I think that too. And I try, but then I find a book I feel like reading, or a cd I want to hear or ... something ... and that's the end of that.


Okay, then. Got to go.

Oh -- I'm listening to the newish beck CD -- Seachange. Parts of it are completely Nick Drake influenced. I really really like it -- I think I can't really go to work until I've heard it again.


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