Hair appointments

2003-03-18 - 11:22 a.m.


Here I am back at work. It's unconscionably nice to be not at work.

I have a new plan, which is to not eat any food. I have already foiled this plan by having a chocolate croissant for breakfast this morning, but that should not be seen as a complete failure -- in general I'm eating less.

My jeans do feel a little looser. Our scale has the lovely habit of adding several pounds to your weight. It's not like you can even figure out how much you do weigh by subtracting them, either, since the number it adds seems to vary. So I'm not going to weigh myself. It will only preplex and distress me.

I'm just going to not eat so much.

I feel swamped at work, actually --

I'm reading Swordpoints, which is sort of the prequel to the Fall of the Kings, although very different. It's quite odd -- One person, Ellen [? Judith? Something] Kushner wrote the first, and then she wrote the second with another person, Delia Sawyer. So the tone is pretty different, and the complications are different.

There's a helicopter outside -- hmmm -- why?

Hmmm hmmm hmmm.


I have to go -- I have to make appointments for people to get their hair cut, and me to get my hair cut, and --

plus there's this whole war thing, huh? I guess we'll put a candle in our window. I don't know what else we can do --

Here's something sort of interesting.

Irina is speaking Russian in the next cubicle. I recognise a few words -- vcyo, niet, tak, ia khochu, shto, oni, kakiem ...

OKay, then.

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