2003-03-19 - 10:16 a.m.

We've been listening to Gram Parsons a lot, lately. Hickory Wind is great, and Brass Buttons, but "I like the Christian life" is the one that is stuck in my head. It's on the Byrds record, Sweetheart of the Rodeo . We only have a crappy tape, anymore. It stops after the first side has played and you have to turn it over. How archaic! But what a great record.

I finished The Black Cauldron last night -- the second of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books. They ARE good -- why did I never read them before? I think I was put off by all the welsh names. PLus the heroine, whose name I can neither pronounce nor remember, starts off being sort of annoying. But they are good -- they have a sort of moral sense that isn't preachy and is somewhat comforting. Taran, the hero, isn't the best at lots of things, but that's okay. Hmmm.

Here's a discussion about Fall of Kings.

And have you seen this? She's not really keeping it up, but what she writes is interesting.

Okay, then --

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