So damn interesting

2003-03-20 - 9:23 a.m.

So -- apparently we're at war.

I can't really articulate this very well, but it seems like at a certain point it became inevitable. It's not that it actually was inevitable, it seems that the press decided -- Okay, this is going to happen. And at that point, there was a shift. There wasn't so much discussion about why this is a really stupid idea. There was suddenly more discussion about "how." And then you get into sort of gearhead interest in types of equipment and how it behaves in sand. And that's interesting -- And discussions of actual soldiers and what they're doing in the desert. And that's interesting, too, and while I don't think I would ever be a soldier, I can sort of see the interest, and am certainly sympathetic to individual kids, and even to individual older soldiers. I mean, it's interesting to be in the desert, and it's interesting to be part of this unusual group of people who do actual physical stuff and have all this cool gear. And risk death, of course, which lends its own interest.

And then there's the interest in how it will all play out -- what did those missiles do last night, and what were they for, and now what, and what about the original war plan and what will Iraq do --

It's pretty sick how interesting the whole thing is.

So I'm trying not to get too interested.

I'd also like to say that I think Donald Rumsfeld is a complete dickhead.

I talked about it with the girls this morning. They were all in favor of sending 30 bombs rather than 500.

So -- we shall see.

I need some tea.


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