Nash krasnyi chelovek

2003-03-27 - 9:41 a.m.


We survived the art opening. I have no idea if the woman who promised me she'd do the clean-up actually showed up, but I hope so. And I made it home in time to pick Nora up. Plus I roasted the roast beef that's been in the fridge since Sunday. Plus we went to Math Night at Nora's school. I'm glad we did. Maddy and I got a chance to talk to the 6th grade math teacher, and explain why Maddy's waiting until 7th grade to go there. She was very nice about it.

It was all very exhausting.

Maddy made a beautiful little lion out of wire -- the whole class had made a circus, which was amazing. Maddy's lion had a mane of yellow feathers, and a body somehow made with the fuzz clipped off a pom pom, and then a wire tail with a little bit of fuzz at the end. He was supposed to be jumping into a pool of water, but somehow the stairs from his platform had come off so the angle wasn't quite right. This saddened Maddy, but she recovered.

They didn't have quite as much room as they'd had two years ago.

But it was still pretty impressive.

I don't think I have much else to say, as a matter of fact. Tomorrow is a holiday (spring holiday, if you must know) and I suppose that means I should get a few things done today --


Here is something sort of funny, but only if you have cynical feelings about Our President.

In Russian that would be Nash President, but in some case which I can no longer remember. I think I remember having long conversations about Nash President when I was studying Russian, but maybe we only used him as an example. Nash glupyi President (our stupid president). The we probably had to -- you know -- decline it, or something. (Decline is what you do to verbs, but what do you do to nouns? I've forgotten.)

I'm trying to think of a complimentary adjective. Krasnyi! Which means red, but also pretty. Nash krasnyi president.

Okay, I'm done now. Thanks.


Oh -- Nora is writing a paper on Zoe, a Byzantine empress of Macedonian extraction. She seems to have married 4 men, although she started out as a nun. She started marrying rather late -- in her 40s, or possibly 50s. I was madly researching on-line last night for her, since that's what modern parents do for their children, who do not mention until 9:45 that they need to go to the library. Anyway -- it's actually a sort of interesting subject, but the Catholic encyclopedia does not seem to have much good to say about her. I was kind of surprised, actually, at the tone: "Seldom has there been such an

accumulation of moral filth as in the family of Basil the Macedonian (867-86)."


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