2003-03-31 - 9:50 a.m.


I'm ditching a class right now, which is very very bad, but I have so much stuff to take care off. For instance, I just enrolled Nora in a camp -- which I should have done two weeks ago. Now I'm about to do a few more amazing things -- like emailing people about sailing classes; emailing Maddy's friend's mom about camps for them; filling out depcare forms; calling Suzanne about people for the upcoming elections.

Then I'll go to the afternoon class. Which will be good.

We actually painted this afternoon. Kevin did the oil-based stuff, and the girls and I did all the latex stuff, which was the ceiling and the walls. It actually looks very nice. My brother dropped by (he might be moving to Richmond, which would be great!) and confirmed that it was not too minty. I don't think Kevin actually likes it -- he dropped the word institutional -- but it's actually not. It's more of a leafy green , or a celery green. A very very light springy green. So anyway, we did both coats, and I made the girls help me, and I made them help me clean the kitchen and do the laundry, too. I think they actually like to help once they get started. It's just that to begin with, lying in a stupor on the living room floor watching Simpson's reruns is a whole lot more appealing.

The thing I realized, though, is that painting a room makes a huge difference. Now that that room is painted, I can actually imagine hanging paintings on the walls and having it look really nice. Maddy made a lovely painting of a giant squid, and Nora painted a nice cactus painting that would look great on the wall. I think they green would look nice with some sort of geranium-orange bits, and both those paintings have, I think, green and orangey-red.

But furthermore, I think that painting other rooms would a) not be as completely hard and terrifying as I thought and b) make a huge difference.

So --

Maddy wants to paint her room like a jungle with trees and leaves and monkeys, and frankly, that sounds like a disaster. I'm hoping to talk her out of it.

Anyway -- that's really all the news for now. I stayed home on Friday and really, all I did was sleep. I know I should have done something huge and adventurous, but actually, I think I was pretty tired.

So there --

In other news, the weather has been amazing and gorgeous. It's summer -- we're all wearing shorts (well, not to work, but generally.)

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