excrutiating boredom

2003-04-01 - 1:07 p.m.


I have escaped from a world of torture. An extremely boring session held in a lovely room with hideously uncomfortable chairs.

I'm supposed to go back, but I'm seriously considering not.

I nearly fell asleep this morning. Think how much harder it will be after lunch!

Anyway, I had a long conversation about schools and children with Sheila. (This of no interest to those who don't know Sheila.) Her son is at a certain high school. He's not at his sister's old high school. I don't know -- made me think that public high school is definitely the way to go.

So --

For those who know Sheila, I can also say that Camille was there. And Jane. It was old home week. In all its rabbiting irritatingness.

I am so sleepy now I can hardly think.

I ordered a bunch of books from Powell's. It's a good thing -- you can get used books reasonably priced, and really, I don't think they are used at all. So it's cheaper than Amazon.

And I finished painting the garage last night, and it is beautiful! I think we should get new office furniture. At the moment we have slabs of particle board across filing cabinets. Which works, but it's ugly. And we need some kind of rug. It's going to be lovely!

It's going to be great, actually --

Okay, then.


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